Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 at 3:20 PM

Incursion Drop Changes

It has been brought to my attention several times that the drop tables for incursions...suck. They're imbalanced, noob-trappy and annoying to have to work out the math to know which incursion is better to run.

The ideal scenario is that it's always better to push to a higher level of incursion if you can. The rewards should scale up smoothly, and it should feel good to move up and kill more monsters.

In an effort to reach this ideal scenario, we are rebalancing the drop tables for all incursions. It will be too much to name every change, so please check out the drop tables in-game, but here is the gist:

  • You will get fewer Exp injections overall.
  • You will get more of every other injection overall.

Injection Duration Changes

In order to make Incursion drops smoother, we are also changing the duration that injections last. While you may notice that some injections have a lower duration than before, this is because you will get more of them from each incursion. Midas Touch, for example, used to give 600 actions of effect per injection. Now it will give 250. However, Midas Touch will now drop every reward tier, meaning that overall you will earn significantly more Midas Touch injections than before.

Once again, there are too many changes to list here, but the general gist is that:

  • If any injections now have a lower duration, that is compensated by dropping more frequently from incursions.
  • All injections (except Midas Touch) now scale up the duration as well as the effect per level of injection. For example, Lv1 Juggernaut gives 100 actions at +10% health. Now Lv2 Juggernaut gives 200 actions at +20% health, making it significantly more effective.
  • All injections in your inventory have been appropriately compensated (reduced or increased) to reflect the new durations.

Injection Crafting Changes

Crafting injections has always been either a desperate play or a move for the rich. This was partially due to the cost, but also due to the fact that it made no sense to lose effect uptime for a tiny boost in effectiveness (2 Lv3 exp into 1 Lv4 is almost never worth it).

Now that injections scale more properly, this means we can also rebalance the way that injection crafting works. In general, instead of requiring 2>1 in order to level up an injection (2 Lv2 = 1 Lv3), the recipes will now be 1>1, with just a resource and Empty Injection cost. This will make it more worth it to upgrade your existing injections, and should also help stimulate the injection economy a bit more.


  • Companions will continue to gain exp past their max level, but you won't gain the benefits of additional levels until unlocked with Platinum.
  • Capped Recyclobot max level to 400.
  • Lv9 Incursion


Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 at 3:40 PM


Now you can share the love with your fellow players by purchasing global effects! Get started by clicking 'Buy Global Boosts' in the effect dropdown in the top menu.

Currently there are 3 global boosts you can purchase. All active players (more than -10k actions) will get a specific number of actions that the effect is good for. Don't be afraid about missing out because you're offline, you'll always get the same amount of boost as everyone else!

Certain global effects also scale to certain players. For example, the Combat Exp boost will give a larger exp boost to low-level players than to high-level players. This will help new players catch up, as well as share the love with those who may need it the most!

All global effects also give the purchaser some much-earned Fame experience for giving such a lavish gift!


Gain temporary actions for being active! Buffer actions are actions that start ticking down only once your normal actions run out. Stay active during the day, and build up a buffer for extra actions at night!

  • Accumulate 1 Buffer action by default for every 22 Combat actions you complete.
  • VIP reduces this number by 5 flat, down to 17 Combat actions per Buffer.
  • A new Mastery has been introduced, Buffer Efficiency, that further reduces this number down another 5, to a current minimum of 12 Combat actions per buffer.


The final mastery to increase your max multikill is finally here! Slayer scales your max multikill boost with the total number of monsters you have killed, which ties it into Compendium.

To get started training it, make sure you have Carnage V first, then go purchase it from the Skills tab! See your progress toward your next multikill from your Compendium tab.

In light of these changes, Hellfire injections have also been changed. Instead of increasing max multikill boost, they now instead give a multikill debuff, similar to how the Compendium multikill debuff works.


  • Several new masteries in addition to Slayer! Check these out in Skills > Unlock Masteries.
    • Buffer Efficiency. Increase the rate at which you accumulate Buffer actions.
    • Renowned. Increase Fame experience gained from Corp events.
    • Multitasking. Multiplies your Multikill debuff gained from Compendium.
    • Slow Metabolism. Increase the duration of injections.
  • You are now able to remove existing injection effects.
  • New incursion with all-new injections.
  • New craftable injections.
  • Fame now provides a passive +0.5% boost to combat and mining exp.


Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 at 3:36 PM

Companions are a new feature that let you permanently invest into your character! To view the in-game tutorials and see what there is to unlock, click on 'Character' at the bottom of your screen and see the Companions section.

The Basics

  1. Exchange items for Points via the Recyclobot.
  2. Buy Platinum (a new currency!) with Points via the Recyclobot.
  3. Use Platinum to raise the maximum level of your Companions as well as invest in their unique abilities.

Companions will automatically gain 1 experience for every Combat action as long as they are still below their max level. All Companions start with a max level of 5, which gives you plenty of time to earn some initial Platinum.

There are 4 Companions released in this update. Every Companion has 3 passive abilities that automatically level and unlock as your Companion levels up. Each Companion also has 3 abilities that are much more powerful but are leveled up using Platinum.


Gain passive combat stats and gain multikill bonuses and lower monster multikill buff in combat.


Gain passive combat stats and weaken monsters as you are fighting them. Even stun monsters at higher levels, preventing them from attacking!


Gives passive economic boosts like gold and drop, as well as the ability to get massive drops and even roll on a new unique drop table.


Boost your ore gain, get a chance to find massive amounts of ore at once, and even unlock the ability to shorten the duration of your gathering timer!


  • Attack Speed is capped at 10 for players. Monsters will be able to break this cap via multikill buffs.
  • Notification dots will appear around the game to notify you of things that you can do! The first of these are for incursions and ongoing corp events.
  • You can now "Level Max" corporation buffs.


  • Possibly fixed several issues surrounding spamming buttons (like empowering, etc).
  • Attempt at fixing the bugginess with viewing your personal logs breaking routing.
  • Clarified VIP bonus on equipment upgrade.
  • Multikill Debuff now shows the corp buff correctly applied to it on the compendium window.
  • It is no longer possible for you and a monster to kill each other on the same combat tick. If you attack at the same time, the player will attack first and the monster will not get a return hit.


Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 3:59 PM


T8 has been fully released! Start off in the 'Precipice of the Maw' questline to experience the story and start collecting new gear, equippable at Lv130.

  • New quests! HUGE thanks to Archeron for writing the storyline. Or if you hate it, blame Zaalah.
  • 6 new monsters and 2 new dungeons! Dungeons are unlocked via the new questline.
  • 2 new daily quests! These give dungeon runs, which are your primary method for obtaining T8 gear.
  • New gear! All existing equipment pieces except Augments.
  • Due to the change in how T8 gear will be obtained, the new equipment will not shuffle +/- 3 stats. What you see in the crafting screen is what you get.
  • New incursion: Wretched Brood.


  • Brand new T8 crafting items, known as Reactor Cores. The quest will tell you more about them!
  • Used to craft T8 gear.
  • Obtained via dungeons.
  • Come in 5 "tiers" of power, from 8.1 to 8.5. Dungeons only drop Core 8.1, but you can craft up to Core 8.5. Higher-tier cores are used to craft more powerful equipment, so the rifle and sidearm will take 8.5 cores.
  • Will also be useful for upgrading the Drone, the next content patch. So prepare (and hoard) accordingly!


  • The VIP delay bug where it takes a while for VIP effects to kick in after you extend your VIP.
  • Choosing 'Buy' option for market on mobile is now less buggy.
  • Inputs that need a number now show the number pad on mobile instead of the full keyboard.
  • Injection effects "duplicating" instead of stacking. This does not affect your existing effects, so to clean out your existing list of effects, just let them all tick down first.


  • Drone!
  • Possibly another corp event. I had an idea for one and it kinda felt... flat. I'd rather wait and release fun / engaging corp events than filler ones that soak up time.


Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 at 6:37 PM

Corporation Events

The people have spoken and Corp Events are the first feature to be introduced to Elethor after a poll!

  • Corp Events are run on a schedule. This is visible on your corporation page from the top nav bar.
  • If you join a corporation after an event has started, you may not participate in that event.
  • If you leave a corporation during an event, your score and points are removed and you will get no rewards from that event.
  • Leaving a corporation locks you out of joining any other corporation for 72 hours.

The first event to be added is Charitable Giving, a weekly event that starts on Thursdays and ends on Saturdays. Donate items with your corp-mates to a good cause and get points in return! Getting more points gives you more Fame exp, and getting a high average across your whole corp gives everyone more Fame exp.


As you complete Corp Events, you get Fame exp. Fame is another skill that you train, similar to Combat or Mining. As you level up your Fame, you gain points that your Corp can spend on Corp-wide buffs.

Corporation Buffs

You can access this page in-game by opening your Corp window, then clicking the Buffs tab.

  • With the proper permissions, players are able to assign the corp's Fame points and respec.
  • Your Fame level (and Fame points) are tied directly to you. The total Fame of all players in the Corp is pooled to create points usable by the Corp for boosts. If you leave a Corp, you take your Fame, and by extension, your points with you. When you join a new Corp, your Fame will contribute to their total and number of points.
  • Buffs are corp-wide boosts that are applied equally to everyone in the corp.
  • Buffs give a boost to various parts of the game with diminishing return. For example, the first 30 points into True Damage buff will be about 3x as effective as the last 30 points into the buff.
  • Some buffs require other buffs to be leveled up.
  • The requirements are for each point of the buff. For example, to put 1 level into Reflect, you need 5 levels in Colossus. To put 1 point in Colossus, you need 2 points in True Damage. So 1 point in Reflect takes 10 levels in True Damage, 5 levels in Colossus, and then 1 level in Reflect.
  • When a player leaves a corp or is kicked, and if you have spent more Fame points than you now currently have, you have 24 hours to respec your buffs before they are auto-respecc'd for you. This is identified by the Corp icon in the top nav turning red, as well as the Buffs navigation item turning red.

Injection Changes

Injections now require an Empty Injection to be crafted. Empty Injections are only dropped via incursions.

  • All existing craftable injections will have their duration multiplied by 4 to compensate for the increased crafting cost.
  • Injection drop rate through incursions has been increased. This will be closely monitored and more injections will be added to the drop tables if it is too low.
  • New Juggernaut injection increases your max health by 10% per level.
  • New Hellfire injection increases your max multikill by +5 per level.
  • Lv3 Brutality, Lv4 Bonus Exp, and Lv5 Midas Touch added.

VIP Boosts

  • All VIP players get +15% actions when refreshing.
  • All packages now have VIP days that you get simply for purchasing the pack!


  • Skasix nodes now have a 15-32 hour lifespan and have between 1m-1.8m ore per node. This will take effect once nodes start regenerating.
  • Max reward tier per incursion is now at 20 instead of 10.
  • 2 new tiers of incursions have been added, Great Stampede (Lv5) and Infinite Reach (Lv6).
  • Redeeming Coin cost now scales such that for the 4 newest tiers, the cost will always be 2 coins, while other items are 1 coin. This means when a new tier is added, the scale automatically moves.
  • Tutorials for brand new players (Learn to Play on the home page) as well as for the market and the Charitable Giving event.


  • Filtering by gear tier in the market now shows the exact tier instead of tiers equal to or greater than.
  • Banned players will no longer show up in search results anywhere (sending items, inviting to corp, etc).


Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 at 4:19 PM

Energizement Locking

You can now lock energizement lines while rerolling! Simply click the "lock" icon next to the line you wish to keep and roll away!

  • Locking 1 line will increase the cost to 10 shards/roll.
  • Locking 2 lines will increase the cost to 40 shards/roll.


Polls are a way for VIP players to make their opinion known on features that should or shouldn't be added to the game, as well as other things. Any player can see the results of closed polls by viewing the polls screen from the home page.

Polls will be used to focus development. The supermajority (tbd) of votes will determine specifics of features. This will be a good check to determine if I am on the right track with features and assuring that high-quality features are added to the game that players really want.

Mining Laser

  • Increased Purity/lvl from 0.2%->0.5%.
  • Increased the %Ore/lvl from 0.4%->1%.

New Masteries

  • Waste Not increases base gold per monster kill.
  • Depth Mining gives more ore yield per gather, regardless of what you're mining.
  • Prevail gives you a chance to not reduce your remaining actions.


  • Easily see how many resources you still need while in the crafting window.
  • See online activity of other players in a corporation.
  • 'Set Max' button when crafting a recipe.
  • Clicking the quantity in the 'Inventory' box or a listing will update the 'New Listing' quantity.
  • Clicking the price for a listing in the listing view will update the 'New Listing' price.
  • Clicking an item name in 'My Listings' in the market will take you to that item's market page.


Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 at 3:14 PM

MINING LASER Invest in the brand new mining laser to increase your ore output! To start, click the laser icon in your equipment window.

Hate reading patch notes? Use the in-game tutorial! Click your mining laser in your equipment, then click the ? symbol in the top-right of the screen for a step-by-step walkthrough.

  • The laser has "lines". These are equippable boosts that are specific to an ore.
  • There are currently 5 unique boosts per ore, for a total of 30 choices.
  • The number of lines you can equip at a time is equal to your mining level / 20, rounded down. So if your level is 67, you can equip 3 boosts.
  • Each boost is leveled up individually. The max level of a boost is the same as your mining level.
  • Boosts first need to be purchased to be leveled up and equipped. There is no need to purchase a boost you have no interest in using.
  • You may swap out boosts at any time by unequipping one and equipping another.
  • To see the details of each boost, hover the [?] for an explanation.
  • Orthoclase boosts are much cheaper than Skasix boosts, both to unlock as well as level up.


  • Added a 'Lookup' menu item in the upper-right dropdown menu. Search for players or corporations and click to view their profiles.
  • You can change your username for 5 credits!


Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 9:10 PM

What a week! It would be an understatement to say the latest Empowerment patch has been controversial. I do my best to think through the implications of patches before they are released, but it's apparent that using my brain is not always sufficient. There are several things that have been brought to light with this latest patch, and I felt it fair to address them here.

The core problems of Empowerment are 1) ore, and 2) attack speed gains.

1. Mining Laser

The next patch will introduce a new item, the Mining Laser. The purpose of the mining laser is to increase your ore gain by increasing the base ore gain, purity, and density of the node you're gathering from. The mining laser will take gold to upgrade.

The purpose of the Mining Laser is to increase the number of ores in the game. One of the problems with Empowerment is the amount of ore needed to attempt an empowerment. This has increased the price of ores to the point that many players feel it's unnattainable for them to empower their gear without gathering all the ore themselves.

2. Attack Speed Rebalance

Each point of Speed a player gets is more effective than the previous point. No other stat in the game works this way. This is a scaling problem that was only made worse by Empowerment giving +10 speed on all items.

As an example, moving from 50->49 attack speed is a 2% increase in overall damage (on average). However, moving from 5->4 attack speed is a 20% increase in damage, and moving from 2->1 is a 100% increase in damage.

The attack speed formula will be rebalanced so that the scaling works similar to other stats in the game, while also letting players who empowered keep a benefit. That benefit, however, may look like a 50% increase in damage than other players (still sizeable!), rather than the 8-10x increase it is now.

I'll give more information on this as more information is available.

3. Balance Team

Being able to run patch ideas past a team of players who are heavily invested in the game can be invaluable. While obviously the end result is ultimately up to me (and I get to live with the end results), a lot of you have very good insight into how to properly balance a game. Insight that I am lacking.

The purpose of the Balance team will be to have healthy discussion around new game ideas and present good solutions to implementations of those ideas.

This will be a closed group with some rules:

  1. Disagree agreeably. Lots of ideas, lots of brainstorming, lots of input. But no name-calling, no putting others down.
  2. No insider trading. If you are part of the team, future ideas will be presented, complete with costs, numbers, scaling, etc. Any members are found abusing this knowledge, the punishment is a ban.
  3. Keep it closed. Don't share this knowledge with other players.

If you feel you'd be a good fit for this team, or are interested, reach out to me! I'm looking for a small, solid group of players who can bounce ideas around.

4. Mod Team

A moderation team will help give me time to focus on code while they handle more community aspects. Answering questions for players, helping new players, and also handling players who are more troublesome. Not to say I won't still be hands-on, but I'll feel less pressure to constantly monitor Discord and in-game chat and will give me more time to focus on developing new features.

If you're interested in joining such a team, please reach out to @CaptainJack. They will be heading up the moderation team. Captain Jack has contributed heavily to make the wiki what it is, and has already invested a lot in helping players new to the game.

I know this is a lot, but hopefully it addresses several of the problems floating around and at least helps you know that I'm aware of them and am working towards solutions.

Any feedback or thoughts on this at all would be more than appreciated!


Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 at 6:38 PM


The next level of gear progression is here! You can only begin empowering gear that has used up all of its reinforcement slots.


  1. 10 Savagery
  2. 10 Fortitude
  3. 5 Pierce
  4. 5 Armor
  5. 20 Savagery
  6. 20 Fortitude
  7. 10 Pierce
  8. 10 Armor
  9. 10 Speed
  10. +1% All Stat

Each level past 10 also gives +1% All Stat. All Stat gives a percentage boost to Savagery, Fortitude, Pierce, Armor and Speed. The percentage boost is applied after all energizements have been applied, making it extremely strong.

However it's not all smooth sailing! As you get to higher empowerment levels, you have a lower chance of success, as well as a chance to lose the empowerment levels you already have!


VIP gives a +5% success bonus to empowerment, applied the same as reinforcements. So your 30% success rate turns into 35% with VIP!

Lvl 1/2/3

  • 100% success

Lvl 4/5/6

  • 90/80/70% success rate
  • 10/20/30% chance to downgrade 1 level on failure (1/4/9% chance overall)

Lvl 7/8/9

  • 60/50/40% success rate
  • 20/30/40% chance to downgrade 2 levels on failure (8/15/24% chance overall)

Lvl 10+

  • 30% success rate
  • 50% chance to downgrade 2 levels on failure (35% chance overall)


Empowering at each level costs gold, ore, and monster drops. The gold and ore costs are scaled by +0.1x per tier of gear you are empowering. So T5 gear costs 50% more gold and ore.

Monster drops are also required for empowering. Earlier tiers only require 1 monster drop, but starting at T6, the required items for each level are spread out across the tier. So while Level 3 empowerment might cost 200 Unhinged Jawbone, Level 4 will cost 200 Pierced Voicebox.

T7 (Level 115)

New T7 gear has been released! This includes a new weapon that really packs a punch. As this is the last tier in the Abyss, it will be crucial to upgrade this gear fully to reach into the Maw.

  • New short questline that gives a sidearm!
  • 16 reinforcement slots!
  • Stronger energizements and reinforcements!


  • Level 4 incursion added.
  • Re-balanced all incursion monsters to now have max attack speed.
  • All incursion monsters are now level 1. This will make them easier to compare based purely on stats and less confusing when a 0 pierce 0 savagery monster is hitting you for 300.


Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 at 2:19 AM

INCURSIONS Large masses of monsters roam the wastelands. Pair up with a few other explorers from your corporation and take out a pack of monsters. Earn big exclusive rewards!

  • All players in an incursion kill as many monsters as they can before they die without multikill buffs or limits.
  • There are 10 total reward tiers per incursion.
  • There are various levels of incursions. More difficult incursions give better rewards.
  • Every 24 hours (same time as daily quest reset) you get 1 incursion run. You can have a max of 3 incursion runs.
  • Incursions the number of kills required per reward tier slightly randomized every 12 hours (00:00 and 12:00 server time).
  • Incursion groups are corporation-specific, meaning you can only join groups with other members of your corporation.
  • Once a group is full (or not, I'm not your mom), the leader of the group can "Start" and the incursion happens immediately.
  • Incursion logs are sent to both your personal log as well as the corp log, so you can see what other corp members are doing.


  • All T5 crafted gear now has 12 total reinforcement slots.
  • All T6 crafted gear now has 14 total reinforcement slots.

REBALANCED REINFORCEMENTS Any reinforcements that give fewer than max stats have always been a bit of a noob trap. Although I've tried to balance the game to where you have choices on how you develop your gear, using sub-optimal reinforcements shouldn't be one of those choices. So to help remove this noob trap, I'm changing how high-success reinforcements work.

  • High-success reinforcements now always give the same amount of stats as the low-success reinforcements.
  • To compensate, high-success reinforcements now cost significantly more reinforcements to use.
  • The optimal route will always be to play RNG and use the low-success reinforcements, however players who want to avoid RNG can opt to use the more expensive high-success counterparts.

NOTICE: I will need to update these reinforcements manually after the patch lands, which will take about 1 hour. If you don't see the changes yet, it's because I'm not done.


  • Limitless reduces the effectiveness of the fatigue (<0 actions) timer for combat actions.
  • Effortless does the same thing, but for mining actions.


  • Lv2 Brutality and Lv3 Exp injections are now craftable!
  • Midas Touch is an exclusive injection to incursions.
    • Lv1 gives +5% gold for 200 actions.
    • Lv2 gives +10% gold for 250 actions.
    • Lv3 gives +15% gold for 300 actions.


  • Added equipment to user profiles.
  • You can "Inject All" on injections.
  • You can view your ranking, even if it's not in the top 100.
  • Raised the max number of reinforcements you can attempt at a time to 100.
  • Added a refresh button to the gather page.


  • Items with hyphens in the name now show up properly as links in chat.


Monday, January 25th, 2021 at 3:53 PM

COMPENDIUM Compendium is your own, personal collection of information on monsters. As you kill more monsters, you unlock Ranks (up to 3) that give you a better understanding of the monsters you fight through bonuses. Reaching Rank 3 for a monster also gives a multikill bonus!

Explore the Compendium by clicking it in the lower left-hand corner of your equipment window.

  • 3 ranks for each monster, each breakpoint at 200k, 500k, and 1m kills.
  • The progress bar is colored according to the rank you're working toward. A full colored bar means you hit the rank.
  • Each monster has its own stat bonuses it gives at each breakpoint. Each breakpoint overrides the breakpoint before it.
  • Reaching Rank 3 for any monster gives a global -1% multikill bonus, in addition to the stat bonus. For example, if you have 3 monsters at Rank 3, fighting the 4th monster would give a 27% stat bonus to the monster instead of a 30% bonus.
  • Every 10 total rank points gives a +2% damage bonus.
  • All kills you have already made are automatically included in the Compendium.

INJECTIONS This is a new craftable item that gives bonuses per action when injected.

  • New Bonus Exp injection! Gives +2% (Lv1) or 4% (Lv2) exp per combat action.
  • New Brutality injection! Gives +50 Savagery and +10 Pierce for 50 actions. Useful for running dungeons!

T6 (Level 100)

  • 6 new monsters added.
  • T6 armor crafting is now spread out over several monsters, encouraging incremental upgrades over bulk upgrading at 1 monster.
  • T6 armor now uses new Quality reinforcements and energizing shards.
  • Help explore the deep reaches of the Abyss in a brand new quest! Earn your very own set of Abyssal augments.
  • You can now roll +pierce/level energizements on your gloves starting at T6+.
  • You can now roll %pierce energizements on any gear starting at T6+.

TRUE DAMAGE At first glance, these changes make you stronger. That's true. They also make monsters stronger, so if you can no longer multikill as many monsters as before, don't worry! Your build may just need some tweaking.

  • True damage is added together from your savagery and pierce (or a monster's!) and applied, ignoring armor. It is still affected by Damage Reduction.
  • Each 1 point of savagery you have is equivalent to 0.1 true damage.
  • Each 1 point of pierce you have is equivalent to 0.5 true damage.


  • Each failed reinforcement on an item increases the success rate of the next reinforcement by +0.1%.
  • This failure rate is tied to an individual item.


  • Added dungeon drops to log.
  • Added a 100% chance of 1-2 Abyssal Essence to the Crack in the Crust dungeon.
  • Added T4 scrap to Pit Dweller drop table.
  • Increased exp dungeon monsters give you.
  • Calculates combat exp slightly differently. First, all flat boosts are applied (like Skilled Weaponry), then the multikill multiplier is applied, then the percentage bonuses are applied. This is a buff to percentage boosts.
  • Armor damage multiplier scaling is now half as effective. This means instead of the Pierce soft cap being 10 over the enemy's armor, it is now 20 over the enemy's armor. This means the scaling will be less harsh in the first 20 points of difference between pierce and armor.
  • Increased Redeeming Coin cost from 1->2 for T5 and T6 gear.


Thursday, January 14th, 2021 at 6:07 PM


  • Deconstructing any gear will now give you the tier below it in scrap. Deconstructing Rat gear gives you 1 gold.
  • All scraps have had their crafting recipes changed to not require monster drops.


  • You can now craft a Rhenic rifle. This is a T5 rifle and requires Rhenium to craft.


  • The vicious Thornhide wanders the inky caverns below. Its drops will be used to craft some T6 gear.


  • Added some changes from Xortrox's script to the game.


Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 at 4:59 PM


I'm going to be breaking up Abyss into two main patches. This is partially for balancing reasons and also so I can get the content out to you all faster. Abyss Part I is the content for T4 and T5.

  • NEW MONSTERS! Monsters also now have Damage Reduction built in, so make sure your gear has some IDR!
  • NEW EQUIPMENT! Not only are there two new tiers (4 and 5) for gear, but those tiers also introduce 2 new pieces of crafted equipment, Earrings and Belt!
  • NEW ENERGIZEMENTS! Earrings can be energized for +% min damage, and Belt can be energized for +% max damage. This can help increase your damage beyond what a normal %damage energizement would give you.
  • NEW REINFORCEMENTS! The new tiers still only have 10 slots each, but the reinforcements you can put on them are stronger! Instead of +5, get a +6.
  • NEW QUESTS! Explore the Abyss and its treasures for valuable Abyssal Essence, used to craft T4+ gear. Unlock a daily quest that gives even more Abyssal Essence and some scraps.


  • Mining level now gives an invisible boost to density and purity. The boost is 0.1% per mining level.
  • QoL changes on recipe sorting, recipe input sorting, and monster drops sorting.


Thursday, January 7th, 2021 at 9:52 PM

  • Items made tradeable with Redeeming Coin will now remain tradeable when sent to a corporation. They only lose their "tradeable" status when they go to a user's inventory.
  • Filtering out items in corporation inventories that actually have 0 quantity. Especially helpful in corps that are sharing clean gear.
  • Fix gold drop log display bug.
  • Fixed bug with renewing resource nodes.
  • Fixed bug with market log showing the price you listed at, not the price you actually paid. Just a log bug!
  • Fixed bug with daily actions.
  • Most likely fixed bug with queue. No more auto-saving, this was likely the culprit (with some other stuff). You have to manually save now. Welcome to the stone ages.
  • Improved mobile UI for several views.
  • Pierce is now capped at 1.25x damage. This happens when your pierce is 10 higher than the monster's armor. This is both for balance as well as to avoid a divide-by-zero bug that would be inevitable.


Monday, December 28th, 2020 at 10:04 PM


  • Dungeons must all first be unlocked before they are able to be run.
  • Unlocking dungeons currently happens only through quests, but I may introduce other methods of unlocking dungeons in the future.
  • The first dungeon will be unlocked after 'The Gishin Excavation', right around mid-T3 content.
  • To run a dungeon you have unlocked, you must also earn dungeon runs. These are typically earned via daily quests. Dungeon runs are unique to each dungeon.
  • Dungeons will contain lots of ore, upgrade items, and unique items necessary for crafting certain kinds of gear (new equip slots coming past T3!).

Dungeon Monsters

This is implemented differently than the roadmap I originally had planned, but I'm happy with it.

The biggest difference is that dungeons don't have boss monsters. I removed them because I figured it would be annoying to have to babysit your computer through a dungeon to see if you're even able to kill a boss. And if you're not, you might tweak one thing, then have to wait 7 more minutes to see if you can kill it again...repeat and repeat. Not fun.

  • Dungeons have unique monsters. One monster per dungeon. All dungeon monsters are dungeon-exclusive.
  • You can only kill a maximum of 1 monster at a time while in a dungeon.
  • Dungeons require a certain number of monster kills to be completed.
  • After killing the required number of monsters, you get a roll on the drop table and lower your number of "available runs" by 1.

Some dungeon monsters will still have the unique stats mentioned in the roadmap. Super high pierce, slow attack speed, etc. You'll have to unlock them and find out what there is!


Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 3:18 AM


  • Sidearm Instructor
    • Earn sidearm upgrades!
  • The Outlier
    • Set up an outpost on the outer rim of the Wasteland.
  • Maintaining Supply Routes
    • Repair some damaged supply routes for a unique piece of gear.


  • Pod Building weekly quest has been updated to reward Production exp instead of Gold.


  • Reinforcements now have upgrades! Your 'Basic Reinforcement' can be crafted into a 'Standard Reinforcement'.
  • Upgraded reinforcements apply every 2 tiers of gear. So T0/T1 requires 'Basic Reinforcement' and T2/T3 require 'Standard Reinforcement'.
  • Energizements follow the same pattern, with 'Basic Energizing Shard' to 'Standard Energizing Shard'.
  • Tiers will always require the tier before them to be crafted.


  • Damage Reduction (DR)
    • This stat is ONLY found on monsters. This stat is a % reduction of your total damage, after all other bonuses have been applied.
  • Ignore Damage Reduction (IDR)
    • You can start getting this stat rarely on T3 energizements on your Glove, Main Hand, and Off Hand items.
    • This is a multiplicative bonus (80% and 50% makes 90% total). Meaning you can never get 100% IDR.
    • Your IDR ignores a percentage of the enemy's DR. For example, if the enemy has 80% DR and you have 50% IDR, the enemy only ignores 40% of your total damage.
    • This stat will be necessary for progression in dungeon especially, as dungeon bosses will have higher amounts of DR, even over 100%!


  • Doubled mining exp from nodes.
  • Scaled the increase of exp. T0 crafting is 1.5x stronger, T1 is ~1.3x stronger, and T2 is ~1.1x stronger. Flattened exp difference between gear pieces of the same tier.
  • Razen gear now requires level 35 Production (down from level 40).


  • Lowered drop rate of all mob drops to account for multicombat.
  • Removed golems. Mining should be the way to get ore, not combat.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at 8:06 PM


Start by visiting the 'Quests' page on the 'Actions' dropdown.

From here, you can see quest lines in the sidebar that all have a varying number of steps in them to complete.

Clicking on a quest will show you all the steps in that quest line, as well as prerequisites.

Clicking on an available quest step will show you some flavor text, as well as tasks you need to complete to get rewards.

Some quests are also repeatable! These are either repeatable Daily, Weekly, or even Monthly. Repeatable quests reset all progress, no matter how far along you are, either midnight server time, Sundays, or on the 1st of a month.

Quests are a great way to progress your account, and future quests will help unlock new content or give exclusive items that can't be obtained other ways.


New combat masteries have been added!


You can purchase bonus actions for credits!

  • The first 600 cost 1 credit / 4 actions.
  • The next 600 cost 1 credit / 3 actions.
  • The next 600 cost 1 credit / 2 actions.
  • All actions after the first 1800 have been purchased cost 1 credit/action.


  • T2+ reinforcement protection cost has been increased.
  • Basic Reinforcements now cost 60 (up from 40) Rat Pelts, and 30 (up from 20) Orthoclase.
  • Increased the amount of exp required to level by quite a bit. This means you will drop in level, although your total exp stays the same. This is to rebalance against multicombat, which the original exp curve wasn't balanced against.
  • It's now more difficult to roll energizement lines that are at the highest tier.


  • Special reinforcements (so far just Puncture) no longer are affected by scaling reinforcement cost in tiers.
  • Skill rankings aren't duplicated per day.
  • Monster kills in rankings are sorted properly.
  • Equipment stats update when equipping / unequipping items.
  • If you have VIP, you can now add more than 3 skills to your queue.
  • You can't buy the same mastery multiple times.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at 7:42 PM

UPDATED RANKINGS I've changed the way I track actions pretty significantly. So the old rankings will disappear and it'll start counting from 0.

KILL TRACKER Kills on all monsters are now tracked and shown on the Rankings.


  • You could level a mastery above 5, and this would break your profile. (thanks Mr Plant!)
  • You couldn't deconstruct an item that had any energizements or upgrades to it.
  • You couldn't unlock energizements if you didn't have enough shards, but instead of telling you it would die.
  • Stats get updated when reinforcing.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at 2:49 AM


  • VIP is now purchaseable! Purchases are all LIVE at this point, so please don't spend money accidentally.
  • VIP can be accessed in the top-right menu.
  • Premium packages are subject to change / tweak / add / remove / whatever.


  • The first premium item that can be purchased (aside from extending VIP time)!
  • The Redeeming Coin makes one item that was previously made untradeable tradeable again a single time.

The reason I've made this a Premium item is because I want a way for a few items to circulate around, but not create an environment where players pass down entire sets of full gear when they hit a new tier. I'll keep a close eye on this and see if this starts to get out of hand. I may need to increase the price to limit item movement.


  • You previously weren't able to list and purchase gear on the market, but you can now!


Friday, November 20th, 2020 at 9:56 PM

EFFECTS Combat effects are the newest way to power up in Elethor! Effects can add a slightly new angle to your playstyle, can beef up your power significantly, and can be practically required to take down certain kinds of mobs!

Effects are applied like reinforcements, and take up a reinforcement slot on your gear, so make sure you plan ahead!

PUNCTURE Puncture applies an additional (5 / 12 / 20 / 33)% of your damage every attack. Not only is this a huge boost in damage, but the damage applied by Puncture is also applied while ignoring the enemy's armor.

Expect more effects to come in the patches ahead!

GLOBAL DROP TABLES How can you get these powerful new effects on your gear, you might ask? You don't see it in the upgrade window?

Effects are applied via Essences that drop via the global drop table. This is a new set of drops that applies to all monsters. You have a tiny chance on every action (not kill!) to hit the global drop tables, which will house all sorts of items!

ITEM QUALITY TOOLTIPS Items will be highlighted with a color depending on how above-average it is.

The breakpoints are at +5 / 15 / 30 / 50 and 90.

ENERGIZEMENT REBALANCE Energizement lines now have a chance to fail when unlocking. The 3rd line is a bit cheaper.

  • Line 1 - 100% chance costing 1 scrap
  • Line 2 - 80% chance costing 3 scraps
  • Line 3 - 60% chance costing 5 scraps

NEW ENERGIZEMENT LINES New energizement lines on T2/T3 gear! These are a bit rarer to roll than other lines, but can be found on all gear.

  • T2 +1 (SAVAGERY|FORTITUDE|ARMOR) per 10 levels
  • T3 +2 (SAVAGERY|FORTITUDE|ARMOR) per 10 levels


  • You can add a max of 3 masteries to your mastery queue at a time.
  • You can kill a max of 3 monsters at a time. This will be updated with new masteries.


  • You can't add masteries past level 5 to the queue.
  • Your locked masteries refresh when you purchase a new mastery.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 at 7:47 PM


  • This happens by default.
  • Each additional monster you fight gets +10% stats. For example, the 5th rat will have 4 * 1.5 Savagery.
  • This scales harder (obviously) with more difficult monsters. If the imbalance is too harsh, I'll rework it.
  • Each monster you kill rolls its own drops, including the global drop table.
  • Each monster is worth the same amount of exp.


Friday, November 13th, 2020 at 11:43 PM



Energizement is the next stage of gear progression beyond reinforcement! To get started, click the upgrade arrow on your favorite piece of gear to view the upgrade window. Beneath the reinforcement selector, you can now see an option for energizing!

  • It costs tiered scraps to unlock energizing lines on your gear.
    • Rat gear is T0, for example, so it takes 1 T0 shard to get started on a piece of rat gear.
    • It costs 1, 3, and 7 shards to unlock 1, 2, and 3 energizing lines on your gear. 3 is currently the cap.
  • You can get scraps by deconstructing your bad gear.
  • You can reroll your unlocked lines using Energizing Shards, a new level 10 recipe.
  • Rerolling your lines rerolls ALL your lines. Don't get greedy!
  • Each increasing tier of gear has better possible lines you can roll:

Here's an example. Let's say you're rolling 2 lines on your nicely reinforced Rat Chestpiece.

You have the chance to roll a lot of T0 lines, which give 3% boosts to various stats or to damage. However, you also have the chance to roll T-1 (yes, tier negative one) lines that only give 1% boosts.

Now, you're ready to roll your Troatic Rifle, which is a T1 item. You can either roll 5% boosts (T1) or you can roll 3% boosts (T0), but because it's a higher tier item, you won't be able to get those trash 1% lines anymore.

Finally, there are some unique lines you can only get on certain pieces of gear.

    • Only on Foot or Leg equips
    • Only on Glove equips
    • Only on Main Hand equips
    • Any equips!

Questions? Ask away!

Bugs? You know where to report them!


  • New type of monster, golems. These monsters drop small amounts of ores. Added one type of golem per type of ore up to Rhenium.
    • Orthoclase golems are good gold early on.
    • Later golems are not good for gold or exp, but can be helpful to push that extra tier of weapon faster.
  • New type of monster, ravagers. These are part-humanoid monsters that roam the wastelands, preying on weak travelers.
    • Ravagers don't drop items, but they drop a bit more gold than typical.
    • Ravagers offer average exp.


  • Added more language and updated the notices around masteries and queueing to add more clarity.
  • Sorted a lot more things so they don't jump around on page load / reload. Skills, resource nodes, inventory, etc.


Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at 7:44 PM


  • Lowered cost of all reinforcement tiers.
  • Roughly tripled all crafting exp from recipes.
  • Show item level requirement on tooltip.
  • Show item comparison in tooltip. Each stat will have a (+/-) next to it that compares the item to the "baseline", or the average stats. This is an easy way to tell if your crafted item is good or not.
  • Gear Deconstruction
    • You can deconstruct your gear for tiered scraps.
    • You get 1 scrap for each piece of gear you deconstruct.
    • Scraps currently do not have a use, but will be used in the next stage of gear progression.
  • New Reinforcements
    • 10/60/100% Fortitude reinforcements on all gear.
    • 30/70% Pierce reinforcements on Main Hand items.


  • So much stuff.
  • Like so much.
  • Thanks to those of you who helped report stuff.